Corrupted Films

Machinimas are not just another type of video creation. We strive to break the barriers of machinima creation to showcase Minecraft's cubic beauty.


Our Mission

To make the best machinimas possible for our viewers through hard work and innovation.


Our Promise

To deliver mind-bending and soul-crushing experiences that leave you at the end of your seat.


Our Identity

Project Redwood is the forefront of our brand identity and it has been praised as a stand-out filming style.


Our Teamwork

Everything is made possible through the collective effort of Minecraft filmmakers and other enthusiasts.

Best Director
Machinima Awards 2019

Creator of the Month
MachinimaHub (Nov 2020)

Best Director
Machinima Awards 2020

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We are very lucky to be working with

TSC Universe
The Collective Network
Slightly Insulting
Appl3 PvP
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"We're all about uploading high-quality Minecraft machinimas for free on YouTube."

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What is a machinima?

To put it short, a machinima is the practice of producing animated films through the manipulation of video game graphics. This is formally known as virtual filmmaking. Machinimas have been around since the 1980s and have made a resurgence in the late 2000s with the introduction of Minecraft - a sandbox game that encourages using our imaginations. Although machinimas have recently become less relevant, it still continues to spark aspiring filmmakers across the globe.

MacBook Pro playing Asphalt
Project Redwood Logo

All Corrupted Films projects are made using the Project Redwood filming and editing style. A combination of deep immersion, flow and elegance which take the viewer on a journey to unprecedented levels of Minecraft cinematography. Our craft has been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

600+ Subscribers

Corrupted Films is a hobbyist production studio that specialises in making Minecraft machinimas. It started as a fun project with friends during the summer break back in late 2013 and has since evolved into a passion for telling intricate narratives and the experimentation of wild and breathtaking cinematography.

30,000+ Views

We strive to make the best content possible for our viewers by breaking the barriers of machinima making through sophisticated story-telling and utilistion of game mods such as Blockbuster. With each releasing project, Corrupted Films slowly bridges the gap between machinima and traditional animation.


0n3Appl3 is a machinima creator with multiple talents and a clear style. He works effectively and gets the work done, something that impressed me early on that lead me to speak with him about working together too. A stand out video entry in the MachinimaHub CTS Collaboration between machinima creators.



Founder of Machinima Hub and TSC Studio

Corrupted Films is a unique channel on YouTube. Distinct style, unique stories, clean and epic editing, and high quality and professional production overall. I would recommend watching Corrupted Films' machinimas for inspiration and unique experience, which you can't find anywhere else on YouTube.



Dev of Blockbuster and Aperture Mods

I don't know about anybody else, but when I found Appl3's films, it felt so genuine to me. It was just some guy making films in Minecraft because he had a passion for it. And honestly it was down right inspiring to me. And after I found his films, I thought how cool it would be to be a part of it, even a little bit.



Writer and Title SFX for Corrupted Films
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